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OLMIS-2206: move openlmis-table-container toolbar above table

Removed unused file

OLMIS-2070: Removed app registration files

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OLMIS-2143: Fixed bug of both message on Manage POD screen

OLMIS-2184: fix the list of Requesting Facility in Manage POD view is filled when My facility is selected

OLMIS-2144: added match message when there is only one element in pagination.

OLMIS-2009: changed line items text to matches in pagination element

OLMIS-2144: added changing page to first one after clicking search button on admin users list screen

OLMIS-2144: fixed caption when users list is empty

OLMIS-2144: added default page number and size for admin users list screen

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OLMIS-2181: update javadoc

OLMIS-2144: added pagination element on admin users list screen

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change flags order in quick start

OLMIS-2181: check permission for delete a Requisition

When in the INITIATED state, check for both REQUISITION_INITIATE & REQUISITION_DELETE rights. When in the SUBMITTED state, check for both REQUISITION_AUTHORIZE & REQUISITION_DELETE rights.

OLMIS-2144: added pagination to users list screen

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Getting requisition-ui ready for v 4.0.0

Removed tbody title from example

OLMIS-2063: added sticky headers

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OLMIS-2083: Updated tbody-table to create own stickyness

OLMIS-2083: Fixed lazy loaded data error

OLMIS-2081: Modified Total Stockout Days validation to longer require it to be displayed if Adjusted Consumption is hidden

Switch param order

The param order is an issue for some people

OLMIS-2083: Made .col-sticky functional css class

OLMIS-1773: fixed product name in add non full supply modal

fixed old state names in admin template

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OLMIS-2144: added verifying if there is no outstanding requests after tests in user service spec

OLMIS-2144: fixed closing td tags on user list screen

OLMIS-2144: changed user list controller name

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OLMIS-2144: added user list controller spec

OLMIS-2144: added missing messages for user list screen