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OLMIS-6623: Released requisition-ui service 7.0.0-RC2

Revert "Released requisition-ui service 7.0.0-RC1"

This reverts commit 8b02e8ae9e036e66123cc676fffdb612588a4a6d.

Released requisition-ui service 7.0.0-RC1

OLMIS-6416: Fixed verifying if requisition is skippable

OLMIS-6416: Refactored getting program for requisition to use get method instead of getUserPrograms to fix issue with splitting requisitions

OLMIS-6569: Removed redundant overrides in the requisition object

    • -5
    • +5
Fixed broken view requisition screen for partner user

OLMIS-6569: Replaced angular.copy to fix performance

OLMIS-6569: Refactored UI after merging availableFullSupplyProducts with availableNonFullSupplyProducts into availableProducts

    • -20
    • +38
    • -7
    • +28
OLMIS-6416: Updated saving requisition to the local storage to save version object reference instead of the whole orderable/ftap object

OLMIS-6416: Fixed saving requisition status messages

    • -1
    • +1
OLMIS-6416: Added missing tests in calculation factory and line item

    • -36
    • +61
OLMIS-6416: Fixed offline requisition list

OLMIS-6416 Fixed total cost calculation on batch approval

OLMIS-6416 Changed version to major one and updated changelog

OLMIS-6416 Adjusted requisition service to use v2 endpoints

    • -0
    • +187
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OLMIS-6222: Fixed adding full supply products for emergency requisition

OLMIS-6530: Fixed problem with clearing freshly initiated requisition form after printing it

OLMIS-6222: Fixed adding non full supply products

OLMIS-6402: Renamed versionId to versionNumber

OLMIS-6413: Added orderable meta to request

    • -3
    • +12
OLMIS-6330 Added missing unit test.

OLMIS-4437 - Added unit test.

OLMIS-6330 changed referencing to env variable.

OLMIS-6330 changed referencing to env variable.

OLMIS-6330 changed referencing to env variable.

OLMIS-6330 changed referencing to env variable.

OLMIS-6330 Update changelog.

OLMIS-6330 fixed trigerring reference-ui build

OLMIS-6330 fixed trigerring reference-ui build