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removed docker-compose template-service a separate service here isn't needed for the CI environment since we'll be doing a docker-compose run on the builder service.

OLMIS-848: Fixed Sonar code analysis

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OLMIS-732: Sonar: Changes in docker-compose.builder.yml

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OLMIS-732: Fixes for executing Sonar on Jenkins

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OLMIS-765 Add Transifex sync to build

Add Transifex into the development and build processes. Change the build process to use a script, rather than call gradle build directly, so that the build is in two steps--transifex and gradle.

Update documentation about Transifex. Remove translated file.

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Add environment file reference to docker compose builder file

So that the builder file knows about build environment variables.

OLMIS-656 hand database connection credentials to container

Instead of having db credentials hardcoded in the gradle build and Spring Boot app properties file, have those settings take it from the environment, which is passed in through an environment file during docker compose.

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OLMIS-669 Add support for configuring log level

Add support for configuring log level in a production environment. Configuring the level in a development environment is simple--just modify the configuration file. However, a production environment needs a way to override the configuration file by passing in a configuration file external to the JAR. Provide a way to pass this in.

Add a way to run a docker container in the docker compose file. The docker compose file assumes there is a custom logback.xml file in the parent folder.

Document in the README.

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OLMIS-582, add dockerized dev, build and image environments. update README to reflect change

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