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OLMIS-6321: Added index on authorid column

OLMIS-5177: Checking notification after Sonar failure

OLMIS-6322: Updated migration with warning message

OLMIS-6188 Change message for processing period's name null error.

OLMIS-6322: Updated changelog with ADMINISTRATIVE_MESSAGES_MANAGE right addition

OLMIS-6321: Added author, active and startDate fields to AdministrativeMessage. Also, marked createdDate as required instead of expiryDate.

    • -12
    • +5
OLMIS-6188 Add new section to CHANGELOG and move 6188's bug fix

OLMIS-6188 Fix bug with empty name while creating processing period.


OLMIS-6321: Fixed indentation and added administrative messages delete in RAML

    • -125
    • +134
OLMIS-6321: Updated schema for administrative message

Bumped version to 13.0.1-SNAPSHOT

Release 13.0.0

OLMIS-6321: Designed database model and RAML for administrative messages

    • -0
    • +133

OLMIS-5177 Change branch for reference data contract tests.

OLMIS-5177 Change branch of contract tests.

OLMIS-5177 Change to check slack notification.

OLMIS-5177 Remove notification flag.

OLMIS-5177 Add flag to check if notification was send.

OLMIS-5177 Add changes to check FAILED_STAGE value after failure.

OLMIS-5177 Change stage name to failure stage when failure or unstable.

OLMIS-5177 Copy class to force sonar-lint to fail.

OLMIS-5177 Remove unused private field

OLMIS-5177 Add missing header.

OLMIS-6188 Add class to force sonar-test to fail.

OLMIS-5177: Updated Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-6037: Added unstable build status for testing failures

OLMIS-5177: Updated assigning to FAILED_STAGE variable and added printing values

OLMIS-6188 Added changelog.