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Fix sonar issues and add tests

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OLMIS-6056 added changelog

OLMIS-6056 modified returning StringRedisSerializer

OLMIS-6056 removed null checking in redis repository

OLMIS-6056 made method to immediately return expression instead of assigning it to variable

OLMIS-6056 added feature flag for redis caching

OLMIS-3641: added getter for member facilities on RG reference dto

OLMIS-6056 added performance tests for supervisory node

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OLMIS-6056 added integration tests for redis caching

OLMIS-6056 changed version of spring data redis

OLMIS-6056 added redis repository implemantation for supervisoryNodeDto and program

OLMIS-6056 deleted implementing Serializable from domain classes

OLMIS-5981: Fixed if statement to use equals method instead of equals operator

OLMIS-3641: now joins are always present in supply line repository search

OLMIS-5981: Updated message key and changelog

OLMIS-5981: Added throwing exception when updating requisition group in supervisory node

OLMIS-3186 Fix demo data for lots

Move to earlier expiry dates. As the near expiry logic has been implemented, this demo data would cause some emails to be sent out six months prior to those dates, confusing people.

OLMIS-3641: fixed null pointer exception in object expander

OLMIS-5850 : Fixed the role name to be unique when different casing is used

[revert][OLMIS-6004] add sortable parameter to program search api

OLMIS-5981: Re-added validation for supervisory node to check if requisition group is set

[OLMIS-6004] add sortable parameter to program search api

[OLMIS-5852] [OLMIS-5853] overhaul the validation for supervisory node unique constraint

[OLMIS-5853] add case insensetive unique name index constraint for supervisory node

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[OLMIS-5852] add case insensetive unique code index constraint for supervisory node

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[OLMIS-5852] [OLMIS-5853]update test data for supervisory nodes name to avoid duplicate

OLMIS-3641: restored ignored tests and fixed searching supply lines with joins

Revert "OLMIS-5981: Updated /supervisoryNodes/{supervisoryNode_id} PUT to throw exception when requisition group is missing"

This reverts commit d94f0a2f1219f8a7237e1a2fdcbc991797779c9d.

OLMIS-5981: Updated /supervisoryNodes/{supervisoryNode_id} PUT to throw exception when requisition group is missing

OLMIS-6056 passed profiler as parameter to supervisory node service