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OLMIS-6566: Added constant for fullProductName string

OLMIS-6566: Refactored searching for orderables to use JPQL instead of native queries Also removed entity graph because it did not help with n+1 problem

OLMIS-6611: Refactored to use GMT and removed one profiler

OLMIS-6611: Refactored a method to use count query instead of a try-catch

OLMIS-6566: Added entity graph for Orderable

OLMIS-6611: Refactored methods and added test

OLMIS-6611: Removed unnecessary comments

OLMIS-6611: Refactored tests to get default ZoneId

OLMIS-6611: Changed queries to retrieve only last updated date instead of a collection of orderables to improve performance

Raised up p90 for getting 10000 orderables to 55000ms

OLMIS-6566: Refactored some orderable queries to hql instead of native query

OLMIS-6566: Added district root entity result transformer and removed unnecessary distinct

OLMIS-6566: Changed native queries from OrderableRepositoryImpl to hql

OLMIS-6650 Fixed typo in performance test

OLMIS-6613 Fixed Bad Request in performance test for searching orderables

    • -25
    • +12
OLMIS-6650 Changed perf test to include existing orderables for retrieval

    • -32
    • +22
OLMIS-6575: Changed service version in the changelog

OLMIS-6650 Added performance tests for orderables retrieval

OLMIS-6575: Fixed Internal Server Error for /supervisoryNodes endpoint

Bumped version to 14.0.1-SNAPSHOT

Release 14.0.0

Changed service version back to SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-6623: Release referencedata service 14.0.0-RC2

OLMIS-6614: Improved test coverage

OLMIS-6614: Added serving of facilityId and programId params and reduced number of queries to DB made by `GET /api/orderableFulfills` endpoint

    • -1
    • +22
OLMIS-6566 Checks if lazy-loading in batch improves performance

OLMIS-6614: Added missing messages

OLMIS-6614: Extended description of parameters in api-definition

    • -4
    • +10
OLMIS-6614: Updated api-definition

    • -1
    • +16
OLMIS-6614: Fixed tests & added changelog