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OLMIS-3885 Fix sonar issues

* Remove Serializable, as it may not be necessary

* Change Orderable constructor signature to less arguments

* Move constants outside of repository

* Add tests

OLMIS-3885 Add version to orderables

Add versionId to orderables and make a composite primary key. This increases the complexity of the model. In particular:

* It requires all foreign key tables to have a composite foreign key with a versionId field.

* This composite key needs to play well with Hibernate, which was done by defining OrderableIdentity and annotating it with EmbeddedId.

* Orderable no longer extends BaseEntity because a new OrderableIdentity has the id, not BaseEntity.

* A new Orderable constructor is defined to allow setting id and versionId when constructing. This seems to make more sense because an orderable should have an id (and versionId).

Also the orderable DTO needs to deal with the new meta properties. It has a unique way of determining equality because it needs to see that lastUpdated match by the actual timestamp.

Query methods were added and changed to query by latest orderable.

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OLMIS-5262: removed code duplication

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OLMIS-5262: Added ability to syncing FHIR-related data changes to FHIR server

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OLMIS-4295: added changelog entry

OLMIS-4295: updated checkstyle to new google style

fixed LICENCE header

fixed import order

fixed minor code style issues

added missing periods in javadocs

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OLMIS-4940 fixed integration test

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OLMIS-4940 removed extension in LocaleController

OLMIS-4940 permitted /localeSettings endpoint before authentication

OLMIS-4940 fixed some code issues

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OLMIS-4940 added the required array for timeZoneId field

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OLMIS-4940 changed version to minor

OLMIS-4940 Added raml check in integration test and entry in api-definition.yaml

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OLMIS-4940 got rid of null condition check

OLMIS-4940 integration and unit tests added

OLMIS-4940 added @ToString and @EqualsAndHashCode annotations

OLMIS-4940 removed unnecessary sections from Changelog and changed version to minor

OLMIS-4940 adjusted spring annotations

OLMIS-4940 added controller for /localeSettings endpoint.

OLMIS-5301: restricted erd generation step to master node

OLMIS-4940 getting system time zone from configuration on startup

changed version to 11.0.1-SNAPSHOT

Revert "changed version to 11.0.1-SNAPSHOT"

This reverts commit 75757d5a0f1be28f035f4d4795a1fbd28a8fd1dd.

changed version to 11.0.1-SNAPSHOT

released referencedata version 11.0.0

changed version back to SNAPSHOT

released referencedata 11.0.0-RC3

changed version back to SNAPSHOT

released referencedata 11.0.0-RC2

changed version back to SNAPSHOT