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OLMIS-4980 Support saving processing period extra data

For "report only" setting.

OLMIS-4980 Add extra data to processing period

This supports showing extra data (for "report only" property) for processing period.

OLMIS-4985: added missing tests

OLMIS-4985: Fixed sonar issues

OLMIS-4985: Changed the user resource structure

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OLMIS-4819: fixed validation for missing facilityId and programId parameters in /api/processingPeriods endpoint

OLMIS-4819: GET /api/processingPeriods endpoint now accepts multiple "id" parameters

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    • +5
OLMIS-4818: added name and id parameters to /api/programs GET endpoint

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    • +13
fix appropriate varialbe naming

refactor facility supported program validation

OLMIS-3982: Add facility validation for duplicate program supported

OLMIS-4805: Updated build.gradle and Jenkinsfile to enable branch analysis

OLMIS-4969: commented out removed tests executions

OLMIS-4969: disalbed performance tests for facilities/search endpoint

    • -24
    • +24
OLMIS-4969: lowered performance requirements for get approved products

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    • +1
OLMIS-4800, load current branch name into variable

This is needed for the agent-less deploy to stage branch. Since declaring an agent implies checkout scm, we need this since that stage doesn't have an agent and therefore doesn't have the git checkout.

Revert "Update Jenkinsfile"

This reverts commit 18d0824e68822f4d6313d5d473b94138786dbcef.

Revert "Update Jenkinsfile"

This reverts commit f1ea372a6c44f83774fbbfbf060846a06f38b471.

Update Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-4805: Updated Jenkinsfile and build.gradle to enable branch analysis

OLMIS-4907: send request after response dto is created

The request body does not always contain all information (like id field).

That is way we firstly need to create a response body and then use it to

create a correct request body to the external service.

Update Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-4907: changed POST call to PUT call

OLMIS-4907: fixed problem with incorrect endpoint call

OLMIS-4907: send user contact details to the notification service

OLMIS-4963: Add a Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-4963: Add a Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-4963: Add a Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-4963: Add a Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-4963: Add a Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-4963: Add a Jenkinsfile