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OLMIS-4871 Use new Resource2Db

This fixes a byte order mark bug and allows empty strings to be considered null.

OLMIS-4871 Rename performance-data folder to demo-data

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OLMIS-4982 Add report-only processing periods demo data

For facilitating testing.

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OLMIS-5040: Fixed demo data issues

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OLMIS-5040: Update details about vnurse users

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OLMIS-3288: removed validation for missing program param when facility param is given

Update link to auth demo data README

Broken link when auth demo data strategy was changed.

OLMIS-4800: changed erd script location path

OLMIS-4800: added permission to execute added script files

OLMIS-4800: moved erd and sonar scripts out of Jenkinsfile

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OLMIS-5019: Fixed problem with creating FTAP

Fix sonar issue

Fix facility performance test



OLMIS-3705: GET /api/users will not omit params if id param is passed

OLMIS-4980 Support saving processing period extra data

For "report only" setting.

OLMIS-4980 Add extra data to processing period

This supports showing extra data (for "report only" property) for processing period.

OLMIS-4985: added missing tests

OLMIS-4985: Fixed sonar issues

OLMIS-4985: Changed the user resource structure

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OLMIS-4819: fixed validation for missing facilityId and programId parameters in /api/processingPeriods endpoint

OLMIS-4819: GET /api/processingPeriods endpoint now accepts multiple "id" parameters

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OLMIS-4818: added name and id parameters to /api/programs GET endpoint

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fix appropriate varialbe naming

refactor facility supported program validation

OLMIS-3982: Add facility validation for duplicate program supported

OLMIS-4805: Updated build.gradle and Jenkinsfile to enable branch analysis

OLMIS-4969: commented out removed tests executions

OLMIS-4969: disalbed performance tests for facilities/search endpoint

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