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Revert "OLMIS-6623: Release referencedata-ui service 5.6.0-RC2"

This reverts commit 3cd3f42d0ad81c96a3a1fa1ed1c94b41851aca14.

OLMIS-6623: Release referencedata-ui service 5.6.0-RC2

OLMIS-6616: Removed changelog entry as it was not broken in v3.6

OLMIS-6616: Fixed pagination bar for Role Assignments

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    • +1
OLMIS-6580: Added missing tests for showFacilityPopover function

OLMIS-6580: Fixed condition for display facility popover when requisition group not exists

Revert release referencedata-ui service 5.6.0-RC1

Updated ui-layout version

Released referencedata-ui service 5.6.0-RC1

OLMIS-6416: Added caching programs in UPDATE

OLMIS-6416: Added missing test for caching programs

OLMIS-6416: Added caching programs in GET

OLMIS-6416: Changed offline message

OLMIS-6416: Added changelog

OLMIS-6416: Added offline message property to orderable and ftap resources

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    • +3
OLMIS-6438: Fixed issue with pagination on orderables screen

OLMIS-6416: Removed redundant if statement

OLMIS-6416: Added clearing facilities and periods cache on logout

OLMIS-6438: Updated check for state name

OLMIS-6416 Modified caching facilities and processing periods on get and added VersionObjectReferenceDataBuilder to adjust to v2 requisition endpoints

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    • +58
OLMIS-6438: Updated select product modal to call API only on unpack kit screen

OLMIS-6526: Fixed searching for requisition groups list

OLMIS-6526: Cleaned code in test

OLMIS-6526: Fixed searching for requisition groups list

OLMIS-6438: Refactored searching for orderables to use filter component * Also renamed state params to not duplicate those from parent state

OLMIS-6438: Updated changelog

OLMIS-6438: Updated some ngdocs

OLMIS-6438: Fixed searching for orderables on products modal and in API console

OLMIS-6222: Fixed removing orderable from the kit unpack list

OLMIS-6222: Fixed issues with saving unpack kits