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Release reference-ui v5.0.0

Update docker-compose.yml


OLMIS-1609: Changed the order of directories in the config.json file

OLMIS-1853: migrate to openlmis/dev-ui v3-SNAPSHOT

Removed image tag

Changed the image name to the correct one

Added versions to the docker-compose.yml

Added stockmanagement back into build

Changed version to the 4.0.1-SNAPSHOT

Removed versions from the docker-compose.yml file

Added documentation

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Revert "Updated to 4.0.1-SNAPSHOT"

This reverts commit 052f0610387d4a40280ff627e58e1a61bdbd6b87.

Updated to 4.0.1-SNAPSHOT

Releasing 4.0.0

OLMIS-1025: Added fulfillment docker volumes

OLMIS-1025: Added dockerized dependencies

Revert "OLMIS-1025: Added total reference-ui dependencies"

This reverts commit bdeef85197552d063c0b59e844569d7888e4b99c.

Revert "change image from requisition-ui to requisition-refUI"

This reverts commit 3e14ec178a0596a3dde4f8b0840c9dda3ffea8be.

change image from requisition-ui to requisition-refUI

OLMIS-1025: Added total reference-ui dependencies

OLMIS-2115: Make it possible to change language on test server

Move reference UI to 4.0.0-SNAPSHOT

Since we are working on the next release of the UI after 3.0.0.

Changing to latest dev-ui

Added stockmanagement-ui to reference-ui

OLMIS-1920: Changed published image name to openlmis/reference-ui

Removed because it is not used

OLMIS-1920: Added ports to reference-ui

OLMIS-1933 Change infrastructure/dev images from latest to 1

Moving away from latest to versioned image.

Merge pull request #1 from pgesek/master

OLMIS-1686: Added copyright headers