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Released reference-ui 5.1.7-RC1

Bumped version to 5.1.7-SNAPSHOT

Release version 5.1.6

Revert "Released reference-ui service 5.1.6-RC2"

This reverts commit fc6d29fd944814c5c647fe4ffef3819b6c5b3261.

Released reference-ui service 5.1.6-RC2

Revert "Released reference-ui service 5.1.6-RC1"

This reverts commit c6fd519168908a226f31289d6c7a5f0f293638ef.

Released reference-ui service 5.1.6-RC1

Bumped reference-ui service version to 5.1.6-SNAPSHOT

Released reference-ui service 5.1.5

Revert "OLMIS-6623: Released reference-ui service 5.1.5-RC2"

This reverts commit 7a15eb0da7e98f9fb2cb5a3615f7c82c0508cf82.

OLMIS-6623: Released reference-ui service 5.1.5-RC2

Revert release reference-ui 5.1.5-RC1.

Updated dev-ui version

Released reference-ui service 5.1.5-RC1

OLMIS-6416 Changed requisition-ui version to 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT

Revert "OLMIS-6488: Removed production flag for debugging purposes"

This reverts commit cc680ef4a33573bb0903a681251adb3361f6ba7b.

OLMIS-6488: Removed production flag for debugging purposes

Revert "Removed production flag again"

This reverts commit 21aca1dfd419d20e3fac754c8131745ebac3329b.

Removed production flag again

Revert removing production flag

Removed production flag for debugging purposes

Removed production flag for debugging purposes

Changed version to 5.1.5-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-6037: Standardized build statuses for all our Jenkins jobs - failure detection

OLMIS-6313: Keep only 3 last builds for release branches

OLMIS-6313: Adjusted buildDiscarder properties for dev

Changed version to 5.1.5-SNAPSHOT

5.1.4 release

Revert "5.1.4 release"

This reverts commit 8cedd76a96161714fb24e33ae2c317ac9d173733.

5.1.4 release