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Added new DIRECT_DATE mapping type

Update .gitignore

Updated dev image version

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into malawi

Remove FTAPs and SLs only when update allowed

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into malawi

Added warning about Orderables update

OpenLMIS currently does not allow updating Orderables.

The updateResource has been overriden to avoid creating duplicates (PUT acts

as create and ignores the product code already existing). Also a warn

about not being able to update Orderable has been added.

Fixed README again


Added check for orderables with no programs

fixed pmd issue

Fixed SupervisoryNodeValidator

* it checks all SN for supply line but it should check only final SN

* incorrect warn arguments

Fixed checkstyle issues

Merge branch 'master' into malawi

Fixed checkstyle issues

MW-320: Added validators for malawi disto

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MW-320: Create scaffold for future data validators

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MW-270 Re-create FTAPs if they already exist

Add info about running in debug mode

MW-337 Read results from all available pages

Revert "MW-269 Re-create RequisitionGroups from scratch at update"

RequisitionGroup update endpoint has been fixed so we do not need

to drop and re-created RequisitionGroups anymore.

Show only single missing value for failed array item search

Made findBy mapping ignore casing

MW-270 Re-create FTAPs if they already exist

Before attempting to process FTAPs, the tool will remove

the existing FacilityTypeApprovedProducts and then it will

re-create them from scratch based on input files.

MW-271 Support orderables seeding after refactor

MW-269 Re-create RequisitionGroups from scratch at update

MW-268 Display proper warnings for missing files

Instead of huge wall of stacktraces, the tool now prints a warning if

one of the files does not exist.

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Move runner to another docker file

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MW-270 Always re-create supply lines from scratch

Since supply lines are mainly association between three entities,

updating them rarely makes sense. Since they are not used elsewhere

it's safe to delete all of them and re-create from scratch.