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Prepared repository for next release

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Update documentation to v3.6 versions

To 3.6 versions of documentation, and 3.6 versions of build artifacts.

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Updating flow version to 8

This was due to a change in the failure to load the client secrets and I changed the name from Check for Measures to Get Measures so we are able to use the autoload script.

OLMIS-6324 Changing stock filter time range to be Last 3 years

instead of the last 10 days. No results are showing up in the demo data set because the filter is for the last 10 days and no activities have happened in the last 10 days.

Merge pull request #84 from OpenLMIS/update-version

Update generate measures version

Update generate measures version

Merge pull request #83 from OpenLMIS/update-nifi

Update nifi

Remove unnecessary dbdata volume

Remove unnecessary dbdata volume

Update preload script to insert client secret to generate measure reports process group

Update preload script to insert client secret to generate measure reports process group

Updating flow version to 11

This allows us to fix a bug that was found in the merge content processors adding support for requisitions with skipped line items

Merge pull request #82 from OpenLMIS/update-nifi

upgrade nifi from 1.7.0 to 1.9.2

change flow version

Set JVM Memory initial and maximum heap size

Update reference data connector to use replace function instead of escapeJson function

update nifi from 1.7.0 to 1.9.2

Updating the flow version to include fixes

- Fix locations from geographic zones to facilities

- Update the measureReport to include an openlmis RequisitionId

- Removed the process group that restricted measureReports if there were any in the system

- Added a check to see if a measureReport already existed for a requisitionId

update flow version

Change flow version

remove .DS_Store

remove dbdata

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OLMIS-5584, typos and suggestions from doc review

Updated Test Coverage

Added details of testing, bugs, and bug triage link to Test Coverage.

update flow version

Update flow versions

Completed the majority of the 3.6 release notes.

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Add jwt

Merge pull request #81 from OpenLMIS/fhir-secrets

Fhir secrets

uncomment docker-compose