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Added info about upgrading Stock Management service from 4.0.1

Updated Test Coverage

Added details of testing, bugs, and bug triage link to Test Coverage.

Completed the majority of the 3.6 release notes.

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Added in-progress v3.6 release notes.

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Removed draft and pending

Removed draft and pending, updated with release date and stable release.

Expand release note on releasing faster

Updates to test section about manual tests

Updated test section to add details about manual testing.

Update New Features Section

Added v3.5.0 performance graph and updated release notes component versions.

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Minor updates to in-progress 3.5.0 release notes.

Updated docs in preparation for 3.5.0 release.

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Added release notes for version 3.4.1.

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minor correction to ref dist version

minor changes

stock management version 3.1.0

OLMIS-5104 - Minor changes

updated some sentences.

Added test case execution link

Updating test coverage section

Added details of manual testing for 3.4 release

3.4 Release test case executions

export of all test cases executed in the 3.4 release

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    ./3.4 Release test case executions.csv
OLMIS-5104 Updated date and sections

Updated new features, further resources

Updated API Changes, Perf, and Component Changes Sections for 3.4 release notes.

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Removed old content from 3.4 release notes and added 3.4 perf graph.

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Draft initial 3.4.0 release notes.

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Move 3.3.1 release notes to release branch

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Fix rst underlines in release notes for 3.3.1

Update link to test plan

Update link to bug OLMIS-4728

Rename openlmis-ref-distro-v3.3.1.rst

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added 3.3.1

Updated version numbers

OLMIS-5074: Removed change logs and incorrect info

Removed section on automated testing.