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OLMIS-4797: moved feature flag documentation to Git Branching section

OLMIS-4797: added documentation for feature flags

add zookeeper and kafka to reporting compose

OLMIS-4903: Update notification version

OLMIS-4801: Added information about keeping release builds forever

OLMIS-4701 Update README

Add more info about demo data.

OLMIS-4896: Update reference data version

OLMIS-4896: Update auth version

OLMIS-4798: Added information about number of developers on the same short-lived branch

OLMIS-4798: Updated info about pull requests to be more clear

OLMIS-4798: Fixed typos and removed bold

OLMIS-4798: Updated Git, Branching & Pull Requests section in the contribution documentation

Merge pull request #17 from OpenLMIS/reporting-folder-start

Reporting folder start

match ref distro docker version

OLMIS-4701 Update README

Also remove an old demo data script.

add postgres and consul, a dependency for it

OLMIS-4701 Add startup script for new demo data

For Ref Distro. Need to run demo data before the services, but need to start db so it is available.

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separate .env file for reporting

add reporting docker-compose with nifi

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add nifi version

move nifi templates to reporting folder

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OLMIS-4701 Update run-sql to latest dev image

Which has pg_dump.

OLMIS-4840, fix UI doc links

Caused by moving build projects to differntly named pipeline projects.

OLMIS-4840, fix broken service api and erd doc links

Caused by moving build jobs to newly named pipeline jobs.

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OLMIS-4701 Remove demo data image files

These are being moved to a separate demo data repo.

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OLMIS-4701 Update Ref Distro with demo data image

Update Ref Distro configuration to now have demo data image. However, Ref Distro can still be started without demo data image with just the base YAML file. Production Spring profile is used in override YAML for stock management so that the service does not try to clean and reinitialize the schema, since the demo data image will have already done it.

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OLMIS-4701 Add demo data image files

This utility has files to load schema and demo data.

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OLMIS-4514: Update Doc with Patch Release Process

OLMIS-4317, add nfr to conventions index

OLMIS-4317, add nfr todo and fix link