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OLMIS-6198: Added ability to localize consolidated notifications

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OLMIS-6178: Made tag optional in the ChannelFilter

OLMIS-6178: Fixed name class in xlogger

OLMIS-6178: Added logging to ChannelFilter

OLMIS-6178: Made cronExpression optional for non-digest subscription

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Remove unnecessary changelog entry

OLMIS-6178: Added filtering by user preferred channel

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OLMIS-6186 Set cron trigger to use config time zone

Not default system time zone.

Released notification service version 4.0.2

OLMIS-6128: updated docker dev image to 5.2

OLMIS-6128: updated docker dev image to 5.2

OLMIS-6137: Added validation for cron expression

OLMIS-4531: Added compressing to HTTP POST responses

OLMIS-6040 Add documentation to README

About how to configure SMS integration.

OLMIS-6085: Fixed issue with rendering new line in digest notifications

OLMIS-6040 Fix class name

OLMIS-6029: Renamed classes in IT

OLMIS-6040 Adjust how to handle error HTTP code from SMS API

For Sonar.

OLMIS-6040 Add dummy values for SMS integration

The build fails if default values are not set because the Jenkins env file does not have these keys set. Updating the Jenkins env file is not simple as it is unclear what is currently stored in Jenkins.

OLMIS-6040 Add SMS integration

* Add new SMS channel handler

* Add SMS sender, which connects to a service provider using an API URL and a token

* Request and response DTO matches TextIt/RapidPro API definition

OLMIS-6029: fixed broken unit test

OLMIS-6029: Update demo data

OLMIS-6029: Fixed issues related to digest notifications

OLMIS-6029: Fixed NPE in PostponeMessageRetriever

OLMIS-6018: Update requisition migrations (FEOLMIS-3658)

OLMIS-6018: Added demo data for digest subscriptions

OLMIS-6018: Added requisition digest configurations

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OLMIS-6029: Changed logger level from warn to info (FEOLMIS-3649)

OLMIS-5971: Set important flag as non required in filters

OLMIS-6017: Renamed time field in DigestSubscriptionDto