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MW-412: CORS support

fixed resource id from cce to template

OLMIS-2609: add error handling pattern to service

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updated template service to match current state of our services

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Added missing BASE_URL override for ITs

Without this, ITs fail with con refused, since they try to hit localhost:8080, instead of the port randomly generated by Boot test.

OLMIS-2752: updated template-service gradle tasks and properties

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remove old production docker file

we no longer lauch services with nginx on their own, we launch them as part of the ref distro.

Upgrade to dev v3 and therefore gradle plugins

Upgrading to Gradle v4:

- sonarqube plugin needed to be upgraded

- took opportunity to upgrade node and flyway plugins to latest stable

- changed generateMigration to no longer use the deprecated "left shift" function of gradle.

OLMIS-2752: fixed service name in consul config.json

OLMIS-2752: added consul files

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OLMIS-2752: upgraded spring boot version

OLMIS-2752: updated postgres + openlmis/dev versions

OLMIS-2611: moved getting locale to properties file

OLMIS-2611: fixed import declaration

OLMIS-2611: added missing imports

OLMIS-2611: added using LOCALE variable from env

Update style guide: UUIDs should end in "Id"

Bump service util version to 3.0.0

Remove unneeded db and log links

Sonarqube run doesn’t need these as it doesn’t run integration tests.

Added sonar links for services, moved test to proper integration test

clean before running sonar job

sonarqube job runs build anyways.

Remove dead resource type collection/member

These collection/member resource types don't seem to be used here or in other services usefully. Additionally newer versions of RAML-COP throw errors/warnings with the <<schema>> sections.

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OLMIS-1939: Mention how to set require ssl to false


Update JaVers' Configuration

This commit bring JaVers' configuration up to parity with the setup in the requisition and reference-data services. Specifically, it ensures that JaVers consistently uses UTC when saving LocalDateTime values.

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OLMIS-1933 Change infrastructure/dev images from latest to 1

Moving away from latest to versioned image.

OLMIS-1939: Added Transifex vars

OLMIS-1939: Added database variables

OLMIS-1939: Mentioned that SSL is not required by default

OLMIS-1939: Fixed typos in README