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OLMIS-1504: Modify Dockerfile to use openlmis-service-base image

OLMIS-669 Add support for configuring log level

Add support for configuring log level in a production environment. Configuring the level in a development environment is simple--just modify the configuration file. However, a production environment needs a way to override the configuration file by passing in a configuration file external to the JAR. Provide a way to pass this in.

Add a way to run a docker container in the docker compose file. The docker compose file assumes there is a custom logback.xml file in the parent folder.

Document in the README.

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OLMIS-676 Remove rsyslog from image and reference external container

An alternative approach will be used. Instead of installing and running syslog within the container, the logging configuration will reference an external syslog container. Remove rsyslog installation and change logback configuration to the external container. Initialize logging container in docker compose file.

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OLMIS-676 Add rsyslog to image

Add rsyslog to image and use custom rsyslog config file. This custom config file enables listening remotely on UDP port and fixes a couple of bugs in original config file (disable loading imklog and change * to :omusrmsg:*).

In order to get rsyslog daemon to run with the Spring Boot app, need to execute both in a shell script.

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OLMIS-582, add dockerized dev, build and image environments. update README to reflect change

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Add migration support to the template

Add flyway to gradle to support migrations. Add gradle task to generate migration scripts more easily. Update README for additional instructions.

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Initial commit

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