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OLMIS-5036: disabled performance tests for shipments

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OLMIS-5479: Improve code coverage, address sonar issues

OLMIS-5479: Line is longer than 100 characters error.

OLMIS-5479: Refactor orderFileTemplate to csvFileTemplate to accomodate shipment file template as well.

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OLMIS-5387: disabled success slack notifications for dev branches

OLMIS-5387: enabled slack notifications for release branches

OLMIS-4943 fixed PoD report

OLMIS-5387: disabled slack notification for branches

OLMIS-4943 added changelog

OLMIS-4943 fixed Timestamp settings in Jasper report

OLMIS-4943 removed unnecessary values

OLMIS-4943 added locale settings to Jasper reports

OLMIS-4943 added decimalFormat parameter to orders report

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OLMIS-5396: fixed problem with docker network

OLMIS-5396: fixed problem with docker network

changed version from SNAPSHOT to BENIN

OLMIS-4942: Fixed changelog

OLMIS-3078 added missing unit tests

OLMIS-4942: Added currency, number and date settings to application properties. Also removed unused class MoneyDto.

OLMIS-3078 added @Transactional to AuditLogInitializer class

OLMIS-3078 removed unnecessary method from test

OLMIS-3078 implemented improvement for Javers Log Initializer

OLMIS-4928: Made keeping build forever secure

OLMIS-4295: added changelog entry

OLMIS-4295: updated checkstyle to newest google style

fixed import order

added missing periods in javadocs

fixed minor code style issues

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OLMIS-4442: fixed ticket number in changelog

OLMIS-4442: added ability to create entity with predefined id

OLMIS-4442: added changelog and custom message for facility duplication

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OLMIS-4442: added flush after deleting old transfer properties

OLMIS-5301: restricted erd generation step to master node