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OLMIS-6782 Update Spring Boot version to 2.x

* Update to Spring Boot 2.2.2

* Spring Security OAuth2 now needs to be reconfigured to same version (2.2.2)

* Update Flyway to version supported by Spring Boot 2.2 (Flyway 6.0.8)

* Spring Data and pagination methods have changed

* Pagination does not allow a null sort, and by default returns an object, rather than an array, so add CustomSortSerializer to serialize Sort

* Fix digest subscription DTO to serialize digestConfiguration property

* Update RAML parser and tester to fix random errors during integration tests

* Re-implement generation of Jasper reports.

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OLMIS-6006: Updated p90 for some endpoints to make performance tests green

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Modified tresholds for performance tests - GetProofOfDeliveryWithExpand, GetAllProofsOfDelivery and PrintOrderAsPdf

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Modified tresholds for performance tests to be less restrictive for orders and PoDs

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Bumped version to 8.1.1-SNAPSHOT

Release 8.1.0

Revert "Release fulfillment service 8.1.0-RC1"

This reverts commit 763dec4cdb6b9d35e7c87468ef8ad8d7236340ff.

Release fulfillment service 8.1.0-RC1

OLMIS-6564: Changed wiremock dependency configuration to avoid issue with HTTP response compression.

OLMIS-6558: removed '-' from publicUrl property

OLMIS-6558: Fix source destination searching to use new parameters.

OLMIS-6558: Introduce new env variable - PUBLIC_URL

OLMIS-6558 Fix source destination searching to use new parameters.

Fix due to breaking change in stock management API endpoint.

OLMIS-6558 Change version to 8.1.0

OLMIS-6558 Add publicUrl variable to application properties and use it in generated links.

OLMIS-6494 Updated Proof of Delivery report to display the correct version of an orderable

OLMIS-6479 Renamed test method to avoid conflict

OLMIS-6479 Fix search PoD by Order ID when PoD has no line items

The INNER JOIN between PoDs and line items was causing no PoD

being returned when no line items are found.

OLMIS-6392 added some code fixes after review

OLMIS-6392 changed metadata versionNumber to Long

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OLMIS-6392 removed useVvm parameter from ProofOfDeliveryLineItem method

OLMIS-6392 removed snapshotted useVvm field from ProofOfDeliveryLineItem

OLMIS-6392 Added missing test

OLMIS-6392 Added missing test for MetadataDto

OLMIS-6392 removed some commented code

OLMIS-6392 Added orderable versioning in order line items, shipment line items and pod line items

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OLMIS-6392 introduced versioning to order line item and shipment line item

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OLMIS-5746: Added missing records proofs_of_delivery and shipments to demo data

OLMIS-6408: Changed method name for pageable validator

OLMIS-6408: Added pageable validator