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Update some service versions

Update service versions to next minor version

For fulfillment, stock management, requisition and reference data. Contract tests will not pass otherwise.

Updated services versions to newest release

Changed services versions to latest release

OLMIS-6812: update modified in requisition before update date if needed

OLMIS-6812: update modified date if needed

Changed cce service version to 1.3.0-SNAPSHOT

changed CCE version to new SNAPSHOT

changed referencedata version to new patch one

OLMIS-6726: Changed referencedata version to neweset snapshot

Changed services versions to neweset snapshots

Updated services versions to latest release

Changed referencedata service version to 15.0.0-SNAPSHOT

updated stock management SNAPSHOT version

Changed services versions to newest snapshots

Updated services versions to latest release

Revert "OLMIS-6483: added missing source value"

This reverts commit 22cafcff87a41b212507e9ba7738dfd4f67b283a.

OLMIS-6483: added missing source value

OLMIS-6558 Update services version

OLMIS-6527: changed notification service version to 4.1.2-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-6392 Fixed contract tests for fulfillment POD after adding orderable versioning

Revert "OLMIS-6402: Renamed versionId to versionNumber"

This reverts commit b31873559ed232c086176f952ee94eee6f30b87b.

OLMIS-6402: Renamed versionId to versionNumber

OLMIS-6414: Adjusted requisition contract test

OLMIS-6413: Update requisition service

OLMIS-6351: Update reference data service version

OLMIS-6037: Added class import to jenkisfile

OLMIS-6037: Standardized build statuses for all our Jenkins jobs - failure detection


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