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OLMIS-1694: Remove setting user's password from test since it's no longer a part of referencedata

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'

issue/receive blocked for now, change contract tests accordingly.

OLMIS-1694: Change passwordReset url

OLMIS-2182: fix contract tests delete initiated

OLMIS-1773: Orderable: rename packSize and name for GS1

These renames are: => Orderable.fullProductName

Orderable.packSize => Orderable.netContent

OLMIS-2130 store room manager user can save draft physical inventory and submit

validation error message changed

Revert "OLMIS-1694: Change user creation url"

This reverts commit 2d01a712bfa65286e1d7c11e54d1f74a22624bb1.

OLMIS-1694: Change user creation url

OLMIS-1970: Use primitive instead of boxed int in the constant

OLMIS-632 admin user should be able to manage valid destination

OLMIS-632 admin user should be able to detach assignment

OLMIS-632 admin user should be able to assign source to program and facility type

OLMIS-632 admin user should be able to create and retrieve and update organizations

OLMIS-1970: Move processing period utilities to a separate class

OLMIS-1970: Set service versions to 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-1970: Bump service versions to latest

OLMIS-1970: Fix updating processing periods after adding validation

Contract tests failed after adding validation to PUT endpoint (you can no longer update start/end dates of processing periods)

Fixed it by creating new periods until specified date (and deleting current one if needed)

OLMIS-1970: Bump ref data version in requisition contract tests to 3.0.1-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-1440 as administrator user should be able to assign reason to program and facility type

OLMIS-1440 add stock reasons tests and implement view reason types and reason categories

Remove obsolete STOCK_MANAGEMENT right type

OLMIS-1987 remove test case of soh should not be below zero

Removed --debug parameter from entry point

OLMIS-1933 Change infrastructure/dev images from latest to 1

Moving away from latest to versioned image.

OLMIS-1633 update api to get stock card

OLMIS-1633 add validation test for quantity exceed soh

OLMIS-1933 Switch from using public env file

Instead of curling the public env file and replacing mail settings (including password!) before running the contract tests, we should have CI have a private env file in each contract test job.

OLMIS-1633 update user name for permission validation