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OLMIS-1802 fixed failing contract test

removed hardcoded totalCost values and added method to count totalCost for each line item.

OLMIS-1801: Added tests for average consumption

OLMIS-1905 Changed period dates and removed some clutter from features

The reason for changing the period dates is that the tests update one

of the periods to the current date. This leads to a situation that

we have two periods overlapping, which is illegal. I've changed the

dates to 2016 to avoid that. I've also removed some unnecessary steps

for emergency requisition tests - initiating and submitting regular

requisition should not be needed there.

remove events and cards tests for now, the internal behavior is changing, will add them back when internal behavior is deterministic

OLMIS-1686: Added copyright to contract-tests

OLMIS-1802 added test for calculating total cost

Increase contract test mem limit

Log service output every time

OLMIS-1765: Fixed demo-data of auth service

OLMIS-1633 update orderable error message

OLMIS-1633 update orderable error message

OLMIS-1800: Scenarios use users with correct roles

OLMIS-1800: Updated demo data

OLMIS-1800: Updated cucumber version

OLMIS-1014: Added notification service to entrypoint

Fixed configuration in referencedata docker file

OLMIS-625 add stock cards tests to contract tests

OLMIS-1014: Contract test for creating a new user

Added docker file for referencedata service

Added User Tests tag

Added scenario and feature

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OLMIS-1765: Added flyway demo-data configuration to auth service

change stock event creation json data to make more sense

change the way how auth inits its data by following what is done is blue

Added missing demo data

OLMIS-1632 add stock events tests to contract tests

OLMIS-1759 update stock management version to 1.0.0-BETA-SNAPSHOT

Replace VIRTUAL_HOST usages to BASE_URL

Updated JAVA_OPTS after moving migration to flyway

Added fulfillment demo data

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give ref data more ram

load ref-data service's data so that authorization could pass

OLMIS-1726 Rename months in contract test demo data

Max and min stock uses periods instead of months, doses per month is doses per patient, and remove maxMonthsStock in program orderables.

OLMIS-1768: Updated demo-data of Users