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OLMIS-1671: Contract test for edit existing supervisory nodes

OLMIS-1803: Removed unused import

OLMIS-1672: Extract supervisory node url to a constant

OLMIS-1803: Added contract test for calculate Maximum Stock Quantity

Removed classes directory

This directory is created by build tool and

should not be a part of this repository.

OLMIS-1731: tests for skipping line items

OLMIS-1672: Contract test for delete supervisory node

OLMIS-1671: Get newly created supervisoryNode by id and check response body

OLMIS-1671: Contract test for addition of new supervisory node

OLMIS-1671: Clean up '@admin' tests and make them run with referencedata

OLMIS-4477: Update supplyingDepotId

OLMIS-4477: Update contract test

OLMIS-4477: Update test for external order path

OLMIS-3513: add one more test

OLMIS-3513: improvements in convert to order search test

OLMIS-3513: add tests for requisitionsForConvert endpoint

Split isa.csv file into two chunks

OLMIS-4257: Update database schema

Adjust reference data tests because of new demo data

Update test to respect EPI program skip authorization

OLMIS-4227: Reverted changing stock on hand and fixed some Sonar issues

OLMIS-4227: Removed files added by mistake

OLMIS-4227: Updated test after changing demo data for stock cards

OLMIS-4001: Add contract test to verify that the Print POD endpoint works properly

Fix contract test / update to changes in demo data

OLMIS-3958 Adjust quantities in Shipment/POD tests

Those values represent packs now, so they had to be altered.

OLMIS-4119: renamed pod table

OLMIS-235: Added fulfillment tests

OLMIS-4016: Update contract test

OLMIS-4016: Update status codes