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OLMIS-4017 Add dispensables to referencedata db schema

So dispensable data is loaded for contract tests.

OLMIS-3956: Fix typo

OLMIS-3956: Update database schema settings

OLMIS-3930: Added contract test to cover automatically convert req to order

OLMIS-3930: Update .gitignore

Update requisition version

OLMIS-2695: handle new period search endpoints

OLMIS-2695: handle page response

OLMIS-2695: use new period search endpoints

OLMIS-3904 FEOLMIS-2399: Moved UUIDs to the feature file

OLMIS-3904: Updated shipped quantities

OLMIS-3904: Added contract test for shipment finalize

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OLMIS-3316: Use an .env file comprised of version identifiers and a settings.env file with everything else.

OLMIS-3135: Modified contract tests for API keys

OLMIS-3135: Use message key instead of message

OLMIS-3135: Added contract tests for API Keys

Updated auth version

OLMIS-3692: Add test for print stock card and summaries

Update stock management version (req tests)

Update stock management version (stock tests)

Update fulfillment service version

OLMIS-1652: Added diagnostics tests

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update to latest referencedata snapshot

Update fulfillment, auth and notification versions

Updated versions of Reference Data and Requisition services

Update docker-compose.requisition.yml

Bump stock management version

Update docker-compose.stockmanagment.yml

Bump stock management version

Update fulfillment image version

Update contract test configurations

* All configurations need to use docker dev image v3

* Auth service should be bumped to latest snapshot

* Nginx should be bumped to v4

* Requisition should not load old refUI image and should load latest snapshot image of stock management

* Stock management contract tests should be using latest snapshot image and should not use its own auth image

Add new services to logging config