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OLMIS-3930: Update .gitignore

Update requisition version

OLMIS-2695: handle new period search endpoints

OLMIS-2695: handle page response

OLMIS-2695: use new period search endpoints

OLMIS-3904 FEOLMIS-2399: Moved UUIDs to the feature file

OLMIS-3904: Updated shipped quantities

OLMIS-3904: Added contract test for shipment finalize

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OLMIS-3316: Use an .env file comprised of version identifiers and a settings.env file with everything else.

OLMIS-3135: Modified contract tests for API keys

OLMIS-3135: Use message key instead of message

OLMIS-3135: Added contract tests for API Keys

Updated auth version

OLMIS-3692: Add test for print stock card and summaries

Update stock management version (req tests)

Update stock management version (stock tests)

Update fulfillment service version

OLMIS-1652: Added diagnostics tests

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update to latest referencedata snapshot

Update fulfillment, auth and notification versions

Updated versions of Reference Data and Requisition services

Update docker-compose.requisition.yml

Bump stock management version

Update docker-compose.stockmanagment.yml

Bump stock management version

Update fulfillment image version

Update contract test configurations

* All configurations need to use docker dev image v3

* Auth service should be bumped to latest snapshot

* Nginx should be bumped to v4

* Requisition should not load old refUI image and should load latest snapshot image of stock management

* Stock management contract tests should be using latest snapshot image and should not use its own auth image

Add new services to logging config

Bumped requisiton service version to 5.1.0

OLMIS-2926: Modified DatabaseSchemaTable javadoc

OLMIS-2926: fixed incorrect field name

OLMIS-2926: Added javadoc