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OLMIS-6374 Add new profile for audit logging.

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OLMIS-4876: Applied new demo data loading approach

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OLMIS-3486, move audit log init to refresh-db profile

Also adds some basic profiling to the log.

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OLMIS-2752: renamed teplate-service to cce

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OLMIS-2611: added using LOCALE variable from env

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OLMIS-1939: Mention how to set require ssl to false


OLMIS-1939: Added Transifex vars

OLMIS-1939: Added database variables

OLMIS-1939: Mentioned that SSL is not required by default

OLMIS-1939: Fixed typos in README

OLMIS-1939: Emphasize var names

OLMIS-1939: Added an environment variable section

OLMIS-1741 Rename blue to reference distribution

Blue is being deprecated in favor of reference distribution/ref distro.

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OLMIS-1738, it's a fix to its


OLMIS-1738, add flyway migrate strategy that cleans schema.

Introduces a profile named “production” that when active, will not clean the database before migrating it.

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Add note about optional dependencies.

Added more info about the override file

Linked to the Docker site explaining the way docker-compose.override.yml is used

OLMIS-895: fixed readme

Merge branch 'feature/transifex-build'

OLMIS-761 Reverse proxy server deployment (nginx)

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fixed readme spacing

OLMIS-765 Add Transifex sync to build

Add Transifex into the development and build processes. Change the build process to use a script, rather than call gradle build directly, so that the build is in two steps--transifex and gradle.

Update documentation about Transifex. Remove translated file.

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OLMIS-732: Sonar: projects for current v3 repositories

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OLMIS-656 Add documentation for env file in README

Add documentation about how the .env file is required before developing or building.

OLMIS-598: Resolved conflits

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OLMIS-657 Enable remote debugging

A Spring Boot application started with Gradle already has an option to enable debugging (--debug-jvm), using port 5005. Expose that port to the host for remote debugging.

Document how to enable and use debugging.

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Fix Markdown heading

OLMIS-592 Fix i18n sample code and document

Add sample code for locales and messages. Remove unused MessageService. Move hello to MessageController, so ServiceNameController does not deal with messages. Change resolver to use cookies, to be more API-oriented. Add Portuguese sample message file.

Document how to do i18n in the code.

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