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README: Mentioned required Docker Compose version

Ran into - since compose syntax 2 is used, Compose 1.6 is required.


Add basic i18n support

Add i18n support to template. This simply defaults to English and shows how to use message source to get messages from the Java property file.

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explain new shell environment in quickstart

add explanation of docker related files to readme

Merge pull request #2 from OpenLMIS/docker-compose

First additions for docker-compose

Fix service ports in README

Make minor changes to the template

* Remove camelCasing of the sample service name, given that docker doesn't handle it well.

* Add an empty src/main/resources/db/migration directory

* Describe the generateMigration Gradle task.

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fix service ports doc in README

OLMIS-582, add to docker compose dev build service

fix compose filename mistake in README

OLMIS-582, add dockerized dev, build and image environments. update README to reflect change

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add docker compose for development

Add license

Add AGPL license.

Add migration support to the template

Add flyway to gradle to support migrations. Add gradle task to generate migration scripts more easily. Update README for additional instructions.


Update README to use Docker instructions.

Initial commit

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