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Bumped CCE service version to 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT

Released CCE service v1.0.0

Added initial features of service to changelog

Add changelog

Revert "Release 1.0.0 RC3"

This reverts commit 7fafccc4f8c2f28db160f7209df2651673e140cf.

Release 1.0.0 RC3

OLMIS-4580: do not throw exception when supervisory node not found

Bump version back to SNAPSHOT

released 1.0.0-RC2

OLMIS-4552: Updated Supervisory Node Service to use new API correctly

OLMIS-4552: Update dev image

changed service version back to SNAPSHOT

released 1.0.0-RC1 CCE service

changed service util version to 3.1.0-RC1

OLMIS-3708: Introduced API Console

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    • +73
OLMIS-4384: changed supervisory node service to match endpoint refactor

OLMIS-4105 Add more description to GET cceAlerts

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    • +1
OLMIS-3191: removed redundant String format from debug log

OLMIS-3191: fixed tests for cce notification messages

OLMIS-3174: Remove obsolete reasonNotWorkingOrNotInUse values

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    • +65
OLMIS-3191: changed cce notification to include date and device name

notification is send on status other than functioning

OLMIS-4196 Add CCE serial number to FHIR device

Using serial number specific classes, because it's not clear we're going to need generic versions yet.

OLMIS-4105 Change CCE Alerts performance tests to use config user

Should not use divo1, but the one in the configuration.

OLMIS-4105 Add performance tests for CCE alerts APIs

This is a first iteration of performance tests. Some limitations that may need to be expanded:

* The divo1 user is used, since administrator in demo data currently does not have the correct rights

* Spring by default returns max 2000 results for a paginated response, we'll need to override this and it will affect performance results

* About 100,000 alerts are added to performance data, which may be a bit small for the upper limit on how many alerts may be in a production system

* The get collection test checks by devices, because this is the most likely use case; there is no test on getting all alerts

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    • +66
OLMIS-4105 Replace residual incorrect locales

Rename remaining en_US to en-US.

OLMIS-4105 Update RAML with active query parameter

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    • +6
OLMIS-4197 Change schema from dismissed to dismissTimestamp

Will need the timestamp to show when the alert was dismissed, but we do not need both values.

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    • +14
Fix sonar issues

OLMIS-3174: Update the FunctionalStatus and ReasonNotWorkingOrNotInUse enums

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    • +126
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OLMIS-4105 Support alert_id in DTO to be a non-UUID string

This is done by adding a new field called externalId which is what is mapped to alert_id. Validation added to make sure it matches FHID id datatype regex. New repository methods and make sure JPA knows to update based on externalId, not id.

    • -11
    • +16
OLMIS-4105 Ensure status keys are in correct locale format

Validate alert status keys are in correct locale format. Fix demo data as well.

    • -9
    • +9