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OLMIS-1069, add basic logging conventions

Filling in more of the logging conventions that came out of a discussion on error handling.

OLMIS-1069, update error handling doc to acknowledge Spring’s @ControllerAdvice

But really Bloch was right and this stuff isn’t Exceptional.


Add note about optional dependencies.

bump sonar plugin version to 2.2 from 2.0

sonarqube server upgraded so we need to bump this

OLMIS-1326 Fix wrong baseUrl in api-definition

The 'try it out' option was not working properly

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OLMIS-1326 Remove unused task, change version endpoint description

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reversing change to sonar properties for test sources

changing project name to sonar project key

also moving properties for sonar.tests outside properties block

OLMIS-1326 Add RAML & Swagger setup to the template service

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OLMIS-1170: Clarified the explanations for error message situations based on review feedback.

OLMIS-1170: Revised translation explanation based on further review feedback.

OLMIS-1170: Clarified translations and aAdded HTTP code for DELETEs to address review feedback.

Fixed line breaks in links so they are interpreted by ReadTheDocs.

OLMIS-1170: Revised proposed error guidelines based on review feedback

OLMIS-1162 Update style guide to talk about JSON value responses

We should enforce consistency in returning JSON values in endpoints by recommending they are wrapped in a JSON object. This is to be compliant with all JSON parsers.

OLMIS-894 Update style guide

Add entry about JSON schemas for RAML be put in separate JSON files.

OLMIS-1170: Added proposed guidelines for error validation message responses

OLMIS-1069, add initial draft of error handling convetion doc

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Update style guide after review comments

Clarify no DTOs even for relationships in exporter/importer interfaces. Clarify resource as REST resource.

change version to 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT

skipping a 3.0.0-beta "release" as this doesn't have a release per se. The version should however be bumped for future clones.

Update style guide with additional Java guidelines

* Add point about Importer/Exporter pattern

* Discourage use of no args constructor that Hibernate needs

* Design of domain objects vs. REST API resources

OLMIS-1184 Template Service needs strict checkstyle

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OLMIS-1105, refactor of how versioning works

Extending the pattern created in reference data.

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OLMIS-1083 Update style guide from review comments

Make things clearer about package naming.

OLMIS-1083 Update the style guide with new guidelines

Regarding generated filed, package naming and exceptions.

add to new service checklist jenkins jobs

and reminders to update repo/image/readme descriptions

add initial doc draft on making a new service

writing down notes

OLMIS-1079, fix anchor link on docker section

OLMIS-1079, moving docker best practices from wiki

Update testing document with tooling

Add list of tools used in automated testing strategy.