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OLMIS-3333: Updated edit buttons to be hidden if user does not have CCE_INVENTORY_EDIT right for inventory item's program and facility

OLMIS-3243 FEOLMIS-2122: Added angular.merge

OLMIS-3243: Added test for throwing exception

OLMIS-3243: Throw exception for facility mismatch

OLMIS-3403: fix filtering facilities

OLMIS-3403: make code cleaner

OLMIS-3403: style improvement in inventory factory

OLMIS-3403: remove redundant tests

OLMIS-3403: rename get all to query in faciliy service

OLMIS-3403: fix regression retrieving program

OLMIS-3243 FEOLMIS-2122: Added facility as a param in InventoryItem

OLMIS-3243 FEOLMIS-2122: Moved logic to route and fixed ngdocs

OLMIS-3243 FEOLMIS-2122: Moved setting default options logic to the factory

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OLMIS-3403: batch fetch facilities by id

OLMIS-3333: Fixed edit button to be hidden when user does not have right

OLMIS-3243: Fixed typo

OLMIS-3243: Set NOT_APPLICABLE as default option if ENERGY_SOURCE is SOLAR

OLMIS-3403: fix unit tests

OLMIS-3403: program must be always fetch

OLMIS-3239: fixed too fast closing modal on cce inventory edit modal

OLMIS-3347: Remove "Replacement Year" column from CCE list view

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Bumped dev-ui to v6

OLMIS-3296: added getting facility by id while creating inventory item

OLMIS-3296:: removed facility program filter for inventory item

OLMIS-396: renamed paragraph class

Updated auth-ui to v6.0.0

OLMIS-3249: added sort parameter to get inventory items request

OLMIS-3249: added timestamp to functional status fields on inventory list page

OLMIS-3249: added popover for reason not working and fixed showing last modifier

OLMIS-2921: Removed redundant logic tests from html specs