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OLMIS-3806: Fixed tests after datepicker change

OLMIS-3108: Update to new transifex configuration

updated referencedata-ui version

OLMIS-3382: change color for not fully

fix test

OLMIS-3382: fix loading icon

OLMIS-3382: more tests for cce status

OLMIS-3382: enforce right in cce status component

OLMIS-3382: incorporate review issues

OLMIS-3382: messages, tests, fixes

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OLMIS-3612: changed dev-ui version to 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT

OLMIS-3195: added sonar script

OLMIS-3382: polishing

OLMIS-3382: incorporate fixes after review

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OLMIS-3382: add cce status component

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OLMIS-3397: removed close icon from functional status modal

OLMIS-3397: fixed close icon method on functional status modal

OLMIS-3667 Move setting expand param to routes

OLMIS-3667 Call expanded endpoint to fetch user data for inventory list

OLMIS-3244: Added the ability to filter inventory items by functional status

OLMIS-3618: removed facility decorator from inventory list module

OLMIS-3618: removed unnecessary tests

updated auth-ui version

mocked unrelated service calls

OLMIS-3618: facility factory decorator test is now using minimal facility data builder

refactored object reference data builder calls

OLMIS-3618: added test for undefined facility id in inventory item list controller

OLMIS-3618: added facility filter for inventory item list

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restored commented tests

fixing static facility id in data builder