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OLMIS-4537: fix Add button is not visible until search is clicked

Bumped dev-ui version to 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT

Bumped version to 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT

1.0.0-RC1 release

Bumped dependency versions

OLMIS-4475: monor improvements in facility cce status component

OLMIS-4475: add missing quite mark

OLMIS-4475: disable popover when no cce

OLMIS-4475: no alerts when no cce

OLMIS-4475: add new facility cce status and use in component when no cce

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OLMIS-3174: Remove unnecessary labels.

OLMIS-3174: Remove obsolete reasonNotWorkingOrNotInUse values

OLMIS-4197 Put button on its own line

Based on code review feedback. It makes more sense since in the view, the button is on a separate line.

OLMIS-4197 Add view alert history to CCE update functionality status

This adds a button to show the view alert history PDF.

OLMIS-4105 Define CCE alert default locale in controller

Instead of replacing hyphen with underscore for locale, just define it in the controller. This avoids any incorrect manipulation of the model.

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OLMIS-2895: Removed trailing comma

OLMIS-2895: Added missed reasonForNotWorking

OLMIS-2895: Added missing reasonForNotWorking

OLMIS-4129 Fix minor issues from code review feedback

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Fix sonar quality issues

Tech debt/code smells.

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OLMIS-4105 Fix UI getting status message

The UI needs to look for the locale key that is a correct locale string. The approach here is done by replacing hyphens that come from the APIs, with underscores that match what the HTML is expecting. This is done because it is unclear how to use Angular interpolation with JavaScript object bracket notation ({{ obj['key'] }})?

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OLMIS-2895: Fixed console errors


OLMIS-3174: Fix failing case.

OLMIS-4129 Add button to dismiss alerts

The only issue here is that the alert service does not seem to pop up when the save fails.

OLMIS-4129 Add saving an alert to CCE alert factory

Even though this code is just a pass-through for the repository, it seems worth doing in case this part might be reused in a different context.

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OLMIS-2895: fixed broken routes for cce inventory list screen

OLMIS-2895: drop then-catch part of checking user permissions

OLMIS-2895: removed relation to referencedata-user

OLMIS-2895: move variable assignment to onInit