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OLMIS-4801: Updated Jenkinsfile to set keepLog flag as true when releasing

OLMIS-4833: Merge migrations

OLMIS-4833: Moved email validation to the auth service

OLMIS-4896: fixed compile error

OLMIS-4896: Renamed validator

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OLMIS-4896: log warn message if send notification ends with failure

OLMIS-4896: Renamed method name

OLMIS-4896: Made user more object-oriented

OLMIS-4896: Use optional

OLMIS-4896: Renamed parameter names

OLMIS-4833: Renamed field from email to emailAddress

OLMIS-4833: Removed unused parameter in PasswordResetNotifier

OLMIS-4833: Update java doc

OLMIS-4896: Renamed user dto resources

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OLMIS-4833: Fixed NPE

OLMIS-4896: renamed UserSaveRequest to UserWithAuthDetailsDto

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OLMIS-4833: Update changelog

OLMIS-4896: added missing tests

OLMIS-4896: Made same ids for auth and reference data users

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OLMIS-4833: Extracted notifier functionality to separate classes

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OLMIS-4833: added endpoint to retrieve pending email verification

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OLMIS-4833: added missing tests

OLMIS-4833: Handle email update

Revert "OLMIS-4896: send delete request if there are any issues with saving user"

This reverts commit 74439c702f09a993a4defb1e4095bb6a38089f49.

OLMIS-4896: Added missing lombok annotations to RoleAssignmentDto

OLMIS-4896: modified validator error message to contain field name

OLMIS-4896: send delete request if there are any issues with saving user

OLMIS-4896: added toString method to DTO classes

OLMIS-4896: Simplified hasRight method

OLMIS-4896: user should be able to update his basic details