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OLMIS-4550: Set default content type to responses without it

Revert "OLMIS-4550: Added content type to password reset response"

OLMIS-4550: Split big test into smaller parts

OLMIS-4550: Added content-type to password reset response

OLMIS-4550: more tests for Permission Service

OLMIS-4731: Restored missing @Test annotation in the PermissionService unit test

OLMIS-4731: Added message checking to the PermissionService unit test

OLMIS-4550: Removed redundant annotations in user controller

OLMIS-4731: Made UserControllerIntegrationTest independant from authorizationHelper

OLMIS-4731: Added unit tests for PermissionService

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OLMIS-4731: Enabled current user to change its password

OLMIS-4625: Use contract-tests-pipeline to run contract tests

OLMIS-2923: Fixed broken link


OLMIS-2923: Update demo data loading

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OLMIS-4646: Use 'STAGING' instead of build number

Better notifications, deploy to test on success

OLMIS-4644: Fixed sonar issue

OLMIS-4644: No need to pull the referencedata image in ERD step

Update Jenkinsfile

Update Jenkinsfile

Update Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-4644: Add a Jenkinsfile

bump to next snapshot version

Release 3.2.0

update changelog for release

move back to snapshot

Release 3.2.0 RC2

OLMIS-4273: add IT for user not found