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Update Jenkinsfile

Update Jenkinsfile

OLMIS-4644: Add a Jenkinsfile

bump to next snapshot version

Release 3.2.0

update changelog for release

move back to snapshot

Release 3.2.0 RC2

OLMIS-4273: add IT for user not found

OLMIS-4273: fix format of error response to follow style guide

move back to snapshot

Relase 3.2.0 RC1

OLMIS-3708: Introduced API Console

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    • +73
Revert "OLMIS-4257 Remove NOT NULL constraint"

This reverts commit f3497b25c1f3657145a7afaae85df8343a6b89d5.

OLMIS-4257 Remove NOT NULL constraint

This is temporary to unblock work on setting up an instance (OLMIS-4379).

OLMIS-4257: Split method to smaller chunks

OLMIS-4257: Fixed bug with proper work of API keys after restart

    • -0
    • +72
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    • +116
Revert "OLMIS-4257: Made some of methods in CustomTokenServices as synchronized"

This reverts commit 9a4fb3e60d1c620ef15c25410787b56a1290e59a.

Revert "OLMIS-4257: Start storing tokens in database"

This reverts commit 2a0fca6bdd332bf96116428c474314a97d1d1f7d.

OLMIS-4257: Made some of methods in CustomTokenServices as synchronized

OLMIS-4257: Start storing tokens in database

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    • +72
OLMIS-4222: Add vnurse1 login in demo-data

OLMIS-4249, update demo data api key

Changed in the course of discovering OLMIS-4257. Added client details for completeness.

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    • +9
OLMIS-4249, add demo data service account.

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    • +7
OLMIS-4176: added missing %s

OLMIS-4176: fixed logger call in user controller

OLMIS-4176: added logger for successful user password update

OLMIS-4176: added changelog

OLMIS-4176: removed unused field

OLMIS-4176: removed message from password reset response