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Revert "OLMIS-4257 Remove NOT NULL constraint"

This reverts commit f3497b25c1f3657145a7afaae85df8343a6b89d5.

OLMIS-4257 Remove NOT NULL constraint

This is temporary to unblock work on setting up an instance (OLMIS-4379).

OLMIS-4257: Split method to smaller chunks

OLMIS-4257: Fixed bug with proper work of API keys after restart

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Revert "OLMIS-4257: Made some of methods in CustomTokenServices as synchronized"

This reverts commit 9a4fb3e60d1c620ef15c25410787b56a1290e59a.

Revert "OLMIS-4257: Start storing tokens in database"

This reverts commit 2a0fca6bdd332bf96116428c474314a97d1d1f7d.

OLMIS-4257: Made some of methods in CustomTokenServices as synchronized

OLMIS-4257: Start storing tokens in database

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OLMIS-4222: Add vnurse1 login in demo-data

OLMIS-4249, update demo data api key

Changed in the course of discovering OLMIS-4257. Added client details for completeness.

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OLMIS-4249, add demo data service account.

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OLMIS-4176: added missing %s

OLMIS-4176: fixed logger call in user controller

OLMIS-4176: added logger for successful user password update

OLMIS-4176: added changelog

OLMIS-4176: removed unused field

OLMIS-4176: removed message from password reset response

OLMIS-4117 Remove RAML to Swagger dependency

remove false statement

update Auth Design

OLMIS-4006: Fixed broken api keys perftests

OLMIS-4006: set explicit taurus version

Updated link to scenario

Use new docker taurus image

OLMIS-3778: add unit test for auth helper

OLMIS-3778: fix service checks the rights of a wrong user

OLMIS-3463 Add ERD generate script for service

Each service should be in charge of its own ERD generation. Remove the external port number, as it’s not necessary anymore and it could conflict with other services’ ERD generation jobs.

Revert "OLMIS-3463 Remove ERD generation docker compose file"

This reverts commit efde2e2eba0306010bc04c268bd6bdd6e8aeeeba.

OLMIS-3463 Remove ERD generation docker compose file

A generic version of this file has been added to the Ref Distro, so this one is not needed anymore.

Revert "OLMIS-3463 Add consul dependency to auth ERD generation"

This reverts commit 2ef3e84b88b309a4814d7b5fd422bc2536913e9c.