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Update Superset URL

For some reason, * cert is not working the load balancer. Try to use * load balancer cert by slightly changing the Superset URL in the auth demo data.

Re-add API key initializer

To restore proper access token generation on startup.

Bumped version to 4.3.1-SNAPSHOT

Release 4.3.0

Revert "Released service version 4.3.0-RC1"

This reverts commit 3a424ad90e6afbccd8615de7a5a16fa594a38de0.

Released service version 4.3.0-RC1

OLMIS-6761 Fix more Sonar issues

OLMIS-6761 Fix more sonar issues

OLMIS-6761 More Sonar fixes

OLMIS-6761 Address Sonar issues

Revert "Revert Auth service back to Spring Boot 1.x"

This reverts commit d7de12a691485f3412f0342932693ed406151186.

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Revert Auth service back to Spring Boot 1.x

To see if it is the cause of the Superset issue.

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OLMIS-6761 Add default redirecturi for superset

Will later probably need to find a way to get Superset URL to insert.

Fix order of cleaning up workspace

Clean up workspace after builds

To avoid errors during pipeline because directories cannot be deleted during git checkout.

Do not allow failed clean up to fail Sonar build step

Clean up workspace after sonar build

Do it after Sonar checks quality gate.

Remove generated files from sonar build

To avoid errors in subsequent builds.

OLMIS-6761 Fix integration test errors

OLMIS-6761 Address Sonar issues

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OLMIS-6761 Upgrade Spring Boot to 2.2.2
OLMIS-6761 Upgrade Spring Boot to 2.2.2
OLMIS-6761 Add to changelog and update dependencies

* Add entry to CHANGELOG.

* Let Spring Boot Gradle plugin handle dependencies that it can, to simplify upgrading.

* Bump to next minor version.

* Fix test.

OLMIS-6761 Remove unnecessary code

Removing migration integration test and some code previously used for another test.

OLMIS-6761 Update Spring Boot version to 2.x

Using Boot version 2.2.2, as it is relatively recent.

* Flyway is at 6.0.8, new mechanism for loading Spring Security for OAuth2, and new versions for REST Assured, RAML tester, RAML parser, PowerMock (so tests will pass).

* Spring application properties for Flyway has changed.

* Fix repository method signatures (findOne is now findById, etc.); additionally they return Optional.

* Spring Security 5 has changed encoding of password storage to DelegatingPasswordEncoder. To be backwards-compatible, currently returning NoOpPasswordEncoder as default. Will probably need to migrate all passwords to new encoding and use a better encoder/decoder.

* Fix unit tests.

* Flyway is now at v6, and Java callback mechanism has changed to a general handle() method.

* Fix integration tests (including simplifying TokenIntegrationTest).

* Integration tests allow bean definition overriding, as it is not enabled by default now in Spring Boot 2.x.

* API definitions require "Keep-Alive" header for web integration tests.

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OLMIS-6729, OLMIS-6716: Updated changelog.

OLMIS-6729: Changed Spring Boot version and configuration to verify date and Superset issues.

OLMIS-6729: Changed redirect_url configuration.

OLMIS-6716: Adding additional configuration as an attempt to solve Superset login issues