OLMIS-6887: Changed some unit tests to be integration tests

OLMIS-6887: Improved code coverage

OLMIS-6887: Added tests for refactored code

OLMIS-6887: Added try-with-resources for connection with database while printing the jasper reports

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COV-119: Added missing value to the init-env script and made some script improvements

COV-119: Added a script initiating env file for reporting

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Merge pull request #4 from SIGLUS/OLMIS-6727

OLMIS-6727: Nginx error when reload the config file occasionally

COV-118: Removed NiFi Registry from the deployment

COV-118: Updated the settings-sample and README to help with initial reporting stack configuration

COV-118: Removed usage of the NiFi Registry

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COV-124: Updated docker login command

COV-124: Added link to COVID service desk

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COV-108: Changed location of running permission command

COV-108: Install bash

COV-108: Added initial script for running other scripts

COV-105: Revert script to insert Superset client

COV-116: Added transifex project for COVID UI

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COV-105: Added script to insert Superset client

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COV-108: Replaced hardcoded url with variable

COV-108: Fixed typo

COV-108: Changed version of alpine-java

COV-108: Added --no-cache option for curl

COV-108: Added curl to Dockerfile

COV-108: Updated script for waiting for referencedata service

COV-108: Added waiting for referencedata service

COV-108: Updated psql statement

COV-108: Temporarily added printenv

COV-108: Print variables to check

COV-95 - Update of jenkins script for pushing docker images

COV-108: Updated Dockerfile